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meads bay

meads bay

  • 等級:5A
  • 地址: 暫無
  • 開放時間: 暫無
  • 景點介紹

    This scenic beach is located close to several luxury resorts.


  • emiliewasmyeve
    Meads Bay is not to be missed when in Anguilla, and I can see why a lot of people consider it their favorite beach on the island.When we think back on our vacay, we will think about days spent eating at Blanchard's Beach Shack, renting chairs out front (for just $3/chair!), and walking Meads Bay.It's probably the busiest beach on the island, but even then, it's not half as busy as most places we've visited. That said, it is the place where we saw the most tourists, the most families, and the most private yachts anchored offshore. :)Though maybe, like us, you'll find a quieter beach that you prefer, Meads Bay is definitely the "hot spot" in Anguilla--and with good reason.
  • Difniq
    You must go here. It has many restaurants and even some caves to take pictures in front of them, that,s it, at the end of the beach. Look for them. They are awsome!
  • susan822
    This beach is beautiful, uncrowded , and the water is great! We rented a hobie and sailed, rented chairs and umbrella from Blanchards and had a great day. Happy we chose this location as those that went to shall bay from our ship said it was crowded.
  • Aswaterman
    Took the ferry over from St. Martin for the day. Had visited Shoal on our last visit so went to Meads Bay this time. Beautiful wide white sand beach. Had a wonderful lunch at StrawHat. Wonderful, friendly and attentive service. Fun day!
  • JennScents
    Blanchard's at Meads Bay served some great affordable food and drinks. great service and the beach was awesome!
  • Paloma47
    Great wonderful long beach ! 4 and not 5 because if you know Anguilla you have very high standards of comparison regarding the sea. This is fantastic, no doubt, but there are other 2 - 3 places on the island that are a real paradise for the colour of the water and the snorkeling. But the beach is the top 1 !!
  • Bmosher
    A mile of soft white sand in a crescent shape--beautifully serene and quiet at this time of year. Almost no one on the beach at 8 AM--a great way to start the day.
  • LoriMcEscondido
    This is a beautiful beach on a beautiful island. There are great restaurants and a few places to stay. A must see on a trip to Anguilla. Great visit for the day, evening or a week. You won't be disappointed.
  • Mixedbyfabian
    We are staying at the viceroy and this is definitely a highlight of the area. The sand is powder soft and the water is amazing and clear, so refreshing. Dont miss this while youre visiting the area
  • Pedrini_31
    Great Beach, very long and sandy! Better come check this when you are in the area! Very quite and peaceful!! Its like a dream!
  • candicew619
    If you are in Anguilla, you must visit Meads Bay. My husband and I stayed in St. Maarten and took the ferry from Marigot over to Anguilla for a day. We were initially leaning towards visiting Shoal Bay, but our taxi driver convinced us that Meads Bay offered a better location. Lined with several restaurants, Meads Bay Beach is absolutely amazing. The water is crystal clear blue and the sand is white, soft, and gorgeous! The beach was not packed with people, which we loved! It is very quiet and relaxing. The entire scene seemed to have been taken out of a magazine. Everything was beautiful. If you go to Meads Bay, I recommend eating at the Straw Hat. They offer free beach chairs and umbrellas to the restaurant guests and the view is amazing. You MUST visit Meads Bay Beach!!! You will not regret it!!
  • jeff-from-hamilton
    I almost cringe giving this 5 stars because it might make more people go to this beach and most of the charm is that it isn't crowded. I also far prefer the snorkelling here (at the east end of the beach near Carimar) to Shoal Bay which I think is overrated (call me dumb if you want...). This beach also has some great restaurants right on the beach (Blanchard's and Straw Hat to name a couple) which gives it another nod over Shoal Bay IMO.
  • RicardoSonora
    Anguilla lacks nothing in terms of beautiful beaches. Some of these beaches have beautiful white sand as fine as baby powder and some are rocky. Some are calm and some are a bit rougher. Some are flat and some are surrounded by cliffs. Indeed, the variety of Anguilla's beaches is incredible given the size of this tiny island.Having been to Anguilla three times and being beach fanatics, we have visited the great majority of the beaches and we have enjoyed them all for different reasons. From picture perfect Maunday's bay to jaw dropping Shoal Bay, they all have something that makes them special. However, one stands out above all and that is Meads Bay.With its incredible hues of blue, crystal clear waters and beautiful pinkish white sand, Meads Bay is a beach lover's dream. The surf is calm most of the time, but when it gets rough is beautiful to look at. Also, the bay is not over developed thus you will have all the tranquility and space that you need. We have rarely seen more than twenty people in the whole beach. Moreover, there is a small dirt road in the middle of the bay where you can access the beach and have a good expanse of it all for yourselves. If you get hungry, there are some excellent options to choose from whether for luch or dinner. Straw Hat, Ocean Echo and Blanchard's beach shack are some of them.Meads bay is a large open expanse of beach. So, if you feel that you need a little more intimacy, I highly recommend walking to the small cove at the east end of the beach right next to Malliouhana. Walk on top of the rocks and admire the crystal clear blue ocean, enjoy a beautiful sunset or snorkle around the caves to exlpore some marine life. Although Meads Bay's stunning beauty is enough to take anyone by storm, it is more the feelings it conveys that make it magical. The aura of well being, tarnquility and peace that can be experienced on this beach is really something that develops into a special connection with it. We have experienced some very special moments on Meads Bay that would take too long to describe, but they are memories that we will carry in our hearts for the rest of our lives. That is why we always make sure we say our goodbyes to Meads before we leave the island. In fact, the last time we were there to say goodbye it was a cloudy morning and the sea looked a bit gray. As soon as we walked towards the beach, the cloud cover broke and Meads showed us its beautiful blue colors for the last time on our trip. It is simply magical!
  • AkronTravelBug
    My favorite beach for a few reasons. I though Shoal Bay East would be my favorite, perhaps Meads was my favorite because we were staying on Meads. The water is clear and gorgeous, just like all the beaches, but I liked how Mead wasn't crowded, but yet it had many places to walk to, if you got bored. Try Blanchard's Beach Shack, or walk over to the end by the old Milliouhana near the rocks.
  • teena1014
    The title sums it up… this is our most favorite beach…anywhere! The sand is soft and white, the water is blue and clear. There are great restaurants. It's not crowded. What more can i say?!
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